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Needless to say, the Covid 19 virus has caused a profound effect on our society and of course, our practice. Our practice will reopen this week to address your oral health issues. After a long strectch of 8 weeks, our team has learned the latest techiques to providing you and ourselves a safe environment so that you may maintain your oral health.

We will be doing things a little differently so bare with us. We ask you to cancel your appointment if you have any symptoms of a cold of flu. We ask if you come early, to sit in your car if possible and let us know where you are and we will text you to come in and be taken directly to your treatment room. If you are an adult, we ask you to come by yourself unless there is a reason you cannot. This will help us maintain scoial distancing. Bring your own reading material, as we have removed all magazines from the reception area. Of course our TV is always on for your enjoyment. We will try our very best to expedite your time in our office.

We will be utilizing an ozonater to sterilize the air as well as various solutions for all exposed areas. Our three autoclaves will be sterilizing our instruments as we have always done in the past. My staff and I are also patients in the office so we can assure you that everything is safe and proper.

I will admit that I missed all of you and hope that you are all healthy and your family and friends have been sparred from this virus. Our team all looks forward to seeing you and taking care of your oral health needs.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesiatet to ask. Like you, I'm sure we all look forward to this time as a struggle and look forward to healthier and better times in the future.

Your dentist,


Charles R. Weber, DMD


Dr. Brian Lamb who practices Internal Medicine at AHN says there are times when you can take the mask off.

“When you are outside, away from people, yes. When you are exercising, when you are with family, when you are with a small group of friends in the backyard, yes, you don’t have to wear your mask,” Dr. Lamb said.

At PennDOT District 11, Executive Cheryl Moon-Sirianni says the heat creates a dilemma.

“It’s hard balancing the COVID safety risk with the heat safety risk,” she said.

So to avoid health complications for its workers and contractors, who are required to wear mask on construction and work sites, PennDOT made a policy change.

“The policy now is if you are outside of 15 feet, you don’t have to wear the mask, and if someone approaches you, you have to put the mask on. A lot of our work people are not within 15 feet of each other. That’s about the length of a car,” she said.

Whether on the job or just out and about, Dr. Lamb says if you are wearing a cloth mask, wash it daily.

“The heat and humidity build up in your mask and make a beautiful breeding ground for bacteria,” he said.

Also, Dr. Lamb recommends wearing a white or light-colored mask and it’s unnecessary to wear it while you are in a car with your family. He also advises the need to hydrate is intensified by the need to wear mask.